Monday, oh Monday. Foreword 27 by Kelvin Kellman

Monday, and the solemn dawning of life’s realities claw back at you, no matter the jollity of the weekend. Life is hard. Life is unfair. Every (working) day we see these realities. The not-so-smart former classmates getting ahead, leaders meant to be behind bars still in office, the temptation to join the Joneses.

But bliss is when you know there’s respite from these cruel manifestations; when you understand you can access a portal where which to escape into velvet dreams unending. Issue 27 is that portal. Two fine fictions, one interview that explores more on the process and mechanism of poetry, and then poems of pure escape. I hope you truly escape like I did, reading them.

Lest I forget, I am Kelvin Kellman. A past contributor, and the new editor. It is my pleasure to continue to read the wonderful literature sent our way, and curate the affairs of this amazing journal.

Kelvin Kellman.


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