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Submissions received between 30th of November 2022 to 30th of January 2023, will be considered for publication in Issue 36. Issue 36 will go live on the 13th of February, 2023. Please direct all queries and submissions to

Short Fiction (The Lagerlöf Section)

Things we like: One (1) at a time, please. No more than 8,000 words. J.D. Salinger, Renata Adler, and David Foster Wallace. Things that make us go: This stuff is so good, it’d actually be impossible to find a publisher who’d take it. 

Things we don’t like: Crime.

Poetry (The Södergran Section)

Things we like: No more than 6 poems per submission. (But don’t submit 6 just because you’ve written 6 poems. Submit 6 if you’ve got 6 that need to be submitted together.) Honesty and clarity. Frank O’Hara. Karin Boye.

Essays (The Swedenborg Section)

Things we like: Feminism. Topical pop referential trash. Psychoanalysis. Religion. Radical and very upsetting leftist or neo-conservative political pieces. Interviews. Book reviews. No more than 2,000 words.

Things we don’t like: Politics. Robert Nozick.

The Zorn Section is permanently temporarily closed.

If and when you submit your work to us:

1) State in the subject line whether you are submitting poetry/fiction/essay

2) Write something in the body of the e-mail, even if it’s just “Hello” or “Please read this”. In other words: don’t just attach your poem/short story/essay, and hit ‘send’. If you can’t be bothered to address us (i.e. the people you’re submitting to), then we can’t be bothered to read whatever it is you’ve sent us.

3)  Submit your work as .doc .docx .rtf or .odt. DO NOT submit work in .pdf.

4) Please use a standard font (unless you actually wrote your piece on a typewriter, Courier, or anything that resembles Courier, is not standard) and please  double space (unless, for whatever reason, double spacing isn’t an option, e.g. it’s a poem and it’s not meant to be).

5) How long do we usually take before we get back to you with our decision? No less than 45 minutes, and usually no longer than 2 months. We try to acknowledge receipt of submissions, but sometimes we don’t, because we forgot to, or because we just didn’t. Please don’t ask us to – just trust your outbox.

6) Have we ever published a story that’s set in Paris? Not that we can recall. Americans, especially, are asked to pay heed to this particular piece of information (we don’t know why, but it tends to be you).

The same goes for Berlin. Swedes may pay extra attention, here. If your poem (because it tends to be poems) contains the word ‘Berlin’, then you should probably not submit it to us. [Since adding this particular submission guide line, we no longer receive Swedish poetry submissions.]

7) You don’t have to pretend to be familiar with what we’ve published before. If you are, then that’s great, but if you’re not, then that’s fine, too.

8) The following questions are stupid: 1) I read on your website that you don’t publish previously published work. My short story was published five years ago but no-one ever really read it. Will you consider it for publication? 2) I read on your website that you want submissions to be double spaced. Is that really true?

N.B. Please note that the editors of the SRL are doing this because they have a sincere interest in promoting the work of excellent artists and writers. Please note, also, that the creators of the SRL are (and please note, again, that this is meant in the most relative of senses) fairly broke.* 

All rights remain with the author/artist. We simply ask that if you submit your work elsewhere (after it’s appeared here), then you refer to the SRL as your first publisher.

*Broke, adjective: and until we either start making a lot more money (from our day jobs), or receive some donations (though we won’t accept any), we won’t be able to financially compensate our contributors.

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