Connotation and Queen in Feminism: Interpolating Fair-Minded Materialism

Well, that clearly isn’t a real title.

Unless, of course, you’re currently doing a BA. Unfortunately, we don’t publish undergrad essays. Please stop submitting them. No one cares. Seriously, no one — no one — cares about the paper you wrote for The Effect Of Aztec Dance On Liberated Female Drama In The American Landscape: Myth & Reality. Not even your professor cares. That A+ means nothing. Your professor has to mark 9,000 words per hour. She doesn’t care. 

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because, erm…


Sorry, just give me a moment, here…


…thanks. Yeah, so, the reason I’m writing this is because we’re going to have to postpone the start of the second feminism series. With any luck, we’ll be ready for take-off on Sunday next week.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported this series, so far. We’ve had a lot of online marketing help, and we really appreciate that.

Unfortunately, this week’s text only fell through rather late, last night. The text we’d settled on was ultimately withdrawn — the author decided not to publish the text without receiving monetary compensation. As most of you will know, The Stockholm Review does not pay its contributors. You will know this because it says so right here on the site, on the Submissions page.

If, in the future, The Stockholm Review become able to pay its contributors, then it will solely be thanks to the great number of excellent contributions we have received from our many wonderful and wonderfully talented writers. Until then, however, we remain a purely pro bono production.

Now, if I haven’t already scared off every single person who ever considered writing for the SRL or for this non-fiction feminism project, then I’d like to reiterate that we’re accepting submission on a rolling basis.

Want to feature next week? Then please do send us your text. We can’t wait to read it. Unless, of course, it’s an undergrad paper.


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