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The Stockholm Review of Literature’s fourteenth issue (2016 May 15) featured the following writers:


Matthew Di Paoli – “Tales of Sleep
Anne-Marie Olivier – “Fairle l’amour” (transl. Marie-Claude Plourde & Jenny Ollars)
Lyndsey Ellis – “The Other Ms.
Afsheen Farhadi – “Magic Words
Chelsea Graham – “Mad Dog
Rudy Koshar – “Rake


Jay Aquinas Thompson
Kathy Groan
Stuart Ross
Randall Weiss
Wes Civilz
Heikki Huotari


J.A. Smith – “Enjoying It: Candy Crush and Capitalism” – A Review Essay

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s thirteenth issue (2016 March 13) featured the following writers:


Mikael Berglund – “Att Förstöra Ett Barn
Line Madsen Simenstad – “Om kjaerlighet
Travis Oltmann – “Uguisi No Fun
Robin Israel – “Mention Love
Anita Felicelli – “The Logic of Someday
Jim English – “The Eulogy
Fiona Skepper – “The Queens’ Tale


Alex Skovron
Durre Mughal
Fabien Cloutier
Andy Stallings
Jonathan Duckworth


Elisabeth Hanscombe – Even If It Kills Me

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s twelfth issue (2016 January 17) featured the following writers:


Susan Lago’s “Naked
Tad Bartlett’s “Birmingham Breakdown
Leon Marks’ “The Holes in Martha Schumacher
Frank Haberle’s “Stickman
Forrest Roth’s “A Bad Vase Does Not Break


Arturo Desimone
Sarah Sala
Mark Roberts
Scott Laudati
Hugh Smith


Jennifer S. Deayton – Bowie: A Body of Work


The Stockholm Review of Literature’s eleventh issue (2015 November 13) featured the following writers:


Nick Mulgrew’s “In Mariannhill, in the Garden
Ebele Mogo’s “Going West
Kara Vernor’s “Lesbionic
John Saul’s “The Song of the River


JD Dehart
Heather Bourbeau
Rhian Sasseen
Kenneth Salzmann


Philip Alan Sandberg – Culture, Time & Patience
Book Review – Dean Atta’s I Am Nobody’s Nigger
Book Review– Keaton Henson’s Idiot Verse

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s tenth issue (2015 September 11) featured the following writers:


Peter Hully’s “Alexander
Ivan Binar’s “Jaromír the Animal”, translated by Corine Tachtiris
Vic Sizemore’s “What’s in the Water
Joe Ponepinto’s “Muzak
Kerry Hill’s “Foxes Jumping Through French Horns
Ovo Adagha’s “Playtime
Ace Boggess’ “Know Who Your Killer Is


Aisling Tempany
Charles Bane, Jr.
Jim Davis, Jr.
Tim Cresswell


Amy Neftzger – On the colour white
James Lewis – Book review: Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s ninth issue (2015 July 15) featured the following writers:


Laura Tansley’s “Three Sides to Every Story
Daniel Bosch’s “The Witches: A Folk Tale
John Pistelli’s “They Are in the Truth
Flash Fiction by Hilde Susan Jaegtnes
Eleanor Levine’s “Eating Apples
Austin R. Pick’s “Having Entered a Secluded Place


Michael A Oliver-Semenov
JD DeHart
David Stenbeck
Ellene Glenn Moore
Clare Mulley


Ellsworth H. LaFontaine
James Joseph Brown

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s eight issue (2015 May 15) featured the following writers:


Matthew Cook’s “Marble
Franca Treur, translated by Patty Nash: 5 Flash Fiction Pieces
N. West Moss’ “Dubonnet
Emma Nordanfors’ “Varje lite vinkel” (Novel extract)
Hugh Smith’s “What Happens in Kitchens
Miriam Vaswani’s “In the Dead Man’s House


Kristin Distel
Carrie L. Krucinski
Neil Campbell
Loretta Oleck
Carol Frome
Louise Edwards
Elizabeth Juden Christy


Adrian McHugh
Charlie Hill

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s seventh issue (2015 March 20) featured the following writers:


Alex M. Pruteanu — “A Pursuit Race
Meghan Greeley — “After the Bath
Marko Gregur — “Booze Mirinda
Kyle Manning — “Pre-Funeral Duty
Sofia Capel — “War Child
Monique Briones — “Kids These Days
Andrew J. Hogan — “Obituary
Clara Chow — “Want Less


Arturo Desimone
Denisa Duran
Steve Komarnyckyj
Rachel A. Blumenthal
Meg Kuyatt


Agri Ismaïl
Nathan Gauer

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s sixth issue (2015 Jan 9) featured the following artists and writers:

Short Fiction

Nathaniel Ogle: ‘The Cold Gap
Vincent Chu: ‘Be Sweet and Loving
Alisha Ebling: ‘Miss Christine Is Back, Baby
Abraham Elm: ‘Alchemy
Jyotsna Jha: ‘Bones Beneath
Alice Kaltman: ‘Bigfoot
Thomas McMullan: ‘A Wall on Dartmoor
Oliver Newman: ‘The Man in the Box’, illustrated by George Greaves
Thomas Stewart: ‘Teddybears With Broken Legs


Sarah Edwards
Carol Frome
Kenneth Gurney
Darren Greer
Clare Harmon
Darrel Holnes, with translations by Keenan A. Vanot
Nick Ravo
Liz Robbins
Vassilis Zambaras


Niels Hav: ‘Poetry and Anti-poetry’, ‘To Stay or Go Into Exile’ (translated by Heather Spears)


Lord William: “On the other Side of Westminster Bridge


Between November 21st and December 26th 2014, a series of seven texts were published under the headline Feminist Non-Fiction. Over the course of six weeks, one or two texts were published every Friday.

Week 1 (2014-11-21):
Jennifer S. Deayton’s “Ladies Night in Hong Kong
Week 2 (2014-11-28):
Mary Lécuyer’s “The puzzle of puzzles / And that we call Being
Week 3 (2014-12-05):
Peter Kiernan’s “Consistency and Con-cis-tency
Anna Gragert’s “The Feminism Taste Test
Week 4: (2014-12-12):
Giovanna Coppola’s “Kosovars at the Crown and Goose
Week 5: (2014-12-19):
Storm Garner’s “*#%€!  or Dust! (for the wives of Ely)
Week 6: (2014-12-26):
Cassandra Morrison’s “The Process May End Here If You Don’t Want To Go Further

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s fifth issue (2014 November 14) featured the following artists and writers:

Nahid Rachlin
Daniel Shand
Patrick Fitzgerald
Donal Mahoney
Kalisha Buckhanon
Joe Halstead
Polis Loizou
Neil Campbell
Agri Ismaïl
James Bruce May
Andrew Pidoux
George Sandifer-Smith
Hannah Baggott
Janice D. Soderling
Michael A Oliver-Semenov
Poornima Laxmeshwar
Sarah Scott
Randi Ward
Tifour Thameur
Sofia Capel

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s fourth issue (2014 October 21) featured the following artists and writers:

Ana Prundaru
Ella Frears
Maryam Hussain
Kate Wise
Vinita Agrawal
Christiane Prevost
Laryssa Wirstiuk
Charlie Hill
Glenda Burgess (Poem), Glenda Burgess (Short Story)
Hannah Keating
Katherine Gehan

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s third issue (2014 September 28) featured the following artists and writers:

Chuck Calabreze
Darren Simpson (with original art by Christopher Baldwin)
Jonathan King
Randi Ward
JD DeHart
Richard Scarsbrook
Susan Eisner
Stuart Snelson
Tristan Foster
Ida Therén
Alex Wealands

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s second issue (2014 September 5) featured the following artists and writers:

Arturo Desimone (Fiction / Poetry / Art)
John Laurence Dunn

Chris Collins
Jiri Pilucha
Alex Zucker (Jiri Pilucha’s translator)
Connor Callahan
Neil McCarthy
Charlie Cassarino
Daniel Crockett
Dr Mark Axelrod
Moses E Lavi
Ellsworth H. LaFontaine

The Stockholm Review of Literature’s premier issue (2014 August 22) featured the following writers and artists:

Julia Lee Barclay-Morton
Charles Bane, Jr.
Richard Smyth
Charlie Hill
Thomas Chadwick
Nicolas Grenier
Judson Hamilton
Arthur Broomfield
Pippa Little
Jessica Drake-Thomas
Dan C Nielsen
Ellsworth H. LaFontaine

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