God’s Take, poetry by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

God was a genius. He had the reckoning.

That’s why when he created the universe

he made himself a man.

But then he defied himself and became everything

to run the entire show. You may not recognize —

but those protesting before the house of justice

are also him. But he can’t be detained.

All our prisons together cannot confine God. 

He can’t be forced to live in a woman’s womb

if she isn’t ready to bear god or his sons.

God refuses to be an intruder. 

You can’t show him your calendar and tell him 

it’s too late. He carries his own calendar. 

You can’t try him in your courts. 

He is manifold. He has laws of his own. 

You can’t come after him. He will escape from one state to another.

He has many places to go. He will defy your verdict

and take away your gavel all the way to heaven. 

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is a Pushcart-nominated, award-winning Indian-American poet, writer, filmmaker, and author of four poetry collections. Her poetry, essays, and translations have appeared in journals like World Literature Today, Columbia Journal, Cold Mountain Review, California Quarterly, and elsewhere. A former lecturer of Political Science, Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is an Advocacy Member at the United Nations Association of the USA, the Editor-in-Chief of “Life and Legends,” and the Translation Editor of IHRAF WRITES, a journal of International Human Rights Art Festival, in New York. Website: www.kalpnasinghchitnis.com 

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