James Fisher

Art: Only God Forgives

blameless queer Misogyny

sexuality won’t free you from history
even if love ends there’s a story
even if love lasts there’s a story
you have to get on top
of the story be the one
telling the fuck out of it
tell it when to climax
or shut up I’ve half a mind
to concede to whatever
you tell me Get down
on my knees etc i’m scared
to speak in front of lovers
nothing sexy about a woman
who knows her mind
my straight friends tell me
and i’m not a woman there’s nothing sexy
about certain unfortunate strains
of my accent so unsure
where it comes from i have trouble
convincing strangers i’m not foreign
just gay and tired
of asking what basic
dicks do being told
basic bitch is just
a joke i shouldn’t think
too hard It’s sexy to flirt
with the hope of losing
everything and give it up
with half a mind


no matter how often you arrive at a new Precipice you will never enter Honeyland until you Jump

you straddled lives and squandered
bliss Own up to it
you couldn’t see a way out
of history except taking
everything so very
personally to the point
that you own it you couldn’t
make sense of it like you will
of the next lustmate the next story
you tell yourself about what it means
to be a person You forgot
you were an accumulation
of masses just this Drama
was incidentally high
you couldn’t get the whole
dick in your mouth couldn’t grasp
the matter at hand and the tendrilled
memories exist without you
you didn’t own him
you were possessed
soon the next obsession will arrive

James Fisher is a prairie raised Canadian currently getting lost in the German not-quite Alps. Too busy dancing to read Derrida.

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