Poetry by Alexander Griffin

Art: Life of Pi

Northern Exposure

the bareness of your life echoes back to you

first scene: you go outside for a while and you don’t know
when you’ll be back

last scene: you become the snow


Freer markets

this speed dating thing, Tom, I don’t know
I’ve not the knack for the quick chat &
whenever I do coke I get lobstered
see it’s hard to sell yourself a fiction
when all of your blood is in your nose
everyone’s face like a refurbished pub
small talk gets stat. dec. fast, dreaming of a zone
in which every death is an unforeseeable tragedy
where there is no fault: like a rugby pitch
or the video for ‘under the bridge’
but each failure ruthlessly punished
a whole field of scar tissue that I need you to come take a look at


Fear itself is never wrong

in the golden age of pathography
we need more Eminem poems and less Eminem
a phenomenology of nu-metal
Anne Sexton played in train station toilets

me i’m all about secondary liteature,
third degree burns
the first time you drag a set of car keys
up and down your thigh

but for now I am so drunk that I could only move to a walking city

Montreal looks good

Alex Griffin’s poetry has appeared in Cordite, Moloko House and the Bohemyth. He is from Kenwick, Western Australia.

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