Poetry by Caroline Jones

Art: After Hours


Lover, we built this lost, fragile-looking house
here on the turquoise shoreline, studying the wind
and the sun, the emerald slope and the loud sea:
E for Eileen, ten and two for you, seven for Gray.
We washed the naked exterior walls white,
inside eau-de-nil, slight pink, nocturnal blue.
The poverty of modern architecture

mmmmmmmmstems from atrophy of sensuality.
I contemplated the rattling cups,—–made
a trolley to wheel the gramophone outside
for the evenings we dined under the water
tank. Did you think it was worthwhile (exposed
on the jade coast where Le Corbusier drowned)
to create this building that would outlive us?

Caroline Jones currently lives in the UK. She speaks French and is learning Norwegian. In 2016 she was runner-up in the Harvill Secker’s Young Translator’s Prize (Norwegian). She has an MA in Creative Writing, a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and a BA (Hons) in French and Hispanic Studies. She has lived in France and Spain. She loves Japanese food, greyhounds and writing 14-line poems.

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