Poetry by Dave Drayton

Art:  The Holy Mountain

Filthy Nutrition

on the edge of—————————————————————-your seat
the counter——————————————————filthy with nutrition

———————————-that supports
———————————-child support

for the child————————————————————is not paid for
pulling weight or————————————————–spite or sorrow

——————————– —-aching

collecting baby teeth—————————————— an unsure uncle
sures up history——————————————–with a bristle whistle

————————————–an ode

to commemorate divorce————————————–of force of course
burn the lamb———————————————————–to coal and ash

———————————upon the fireplace
———————————upon the fire place

the thief’s hand—————————————————-more sustenance
for branding——————————————————–ensuring growth

————————————grosser knees


——how did you plead

—————a kangaroo court

——————-courting the same boy

————————–you did in ninth grade

—————————————-while still afraid

————————————————–of third base

and what it might mean

Dave Drayton was a recreational banjo player, a founding member of the Atterton Academy, vice president of the Australian Sweat Bathing Association, and 2014 winner of the Blake Prize for Poetry. He received his PhD from the University of Technology Sydney.

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