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The Stockholm Review of Literature (ISSN 2002-1100) is an online publication with immodest ambitions. It seeks to publish superlative literary fiction, poetry and essays, and it undertakes to promote the writers and artists that produce it.

Welcoming submissions of previously unpublished, original work, The Stockholm Review of Literature expresses a preference in the following:

  • Short literary fiction
  • Poetry suited for lunch time reading
  • De-centered and uncanny essays, interviews and book reviews

And mild to extreme distaste for the following:

  • Sloppiness and pomposity
  • Adverbs
  • Terribly inspired things
  • Plagiarism

Read submission guidelines here. (N.B. The SRL is bi-lingual. We accept submissions in English and Swedish.)

You’ll find short fiction in the Lagerlöf (formerly Söderberg) Section, essays in the Swedenborg Section, photography and fine art in the Zorn Section, and poetry in the Södergran (formerly Stagnelius) Section.

The Stockholm Review of Literature is based in Sweden and was founded in August 2014. It is edited & published by:

Sofia Capel, Editor-in-chief
Sarvat Hasin, Fiction Editor
Saba Sams, Fiction Editor
Cian McCourt, Poetry Editor.

Kelvin Kellman will take over the role as Editor-in-chief in January 2019.

The Stockholm Review of Literature derives its name from the city in which it was founded. It endeavours to publish new work at least every other month. The publication’s various sections are named after Emanuel Swedenborg, Selma LagerlöfEdith Södergran, and Anders Zorn.

Previous SRL staff:

Adrian McHugh (August 2014 – September 2015)
Lucie Verver (August 2014 – March 2015)
Ted Greijer (August 2014 – July 2016)

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