Charlie Cassarino

Down the line

You manifest historical in the conversation.
The conversation creeps up, finishes its drink,
it disassembles and plays with a straw.
The conversation has an all-star cast. Some
players have moved on to television and
collected its debts in the folds of their sleeves.
You are the commissioner of the conversation,
a bad excuse in the conversation. It is
collapsible, it is delivered straight to a
spam box, it feeds micro economies and
fades o’er unavoidable skyline.
Feed your pets on the conversation, factor it
into your daily routine, retain
the outline when planning business trips.
Break up over the conversation, convert
to pantheism, sate your anxiety with the conversation.
See the pattern of misgivings separate
into three acts and dishonour the unities
of time and space. Perceive the ideology
of the conversation, the negative dialectic,
the truth content. Research the thing, devote
your better years failing graduates who
approach it in unanswerable ways. The conversation
is naïve and self-aware, it pisses in the
sink and complains about the weather
on the wrong days. The conversation is
prose and never forgives you for knowing that.


Chalie Cassarino lives in Copenhagen.


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