Glenda Burgess

Coffee and Keys

place me
in your pocket
toss me
with your keys beside your coffee
drop me
on the papers under crooked glasses

first light
to last
use me find me lose me
in the spaces of the days
you live in

what continents in the naked word
in sleep
in the crook of your arm
in the tangle of hair

the lambent heart
breathes in and out tethered lost pocketed
in the tender rain
this room we lie in


Glenda Burgess is a winner of the Rupert Hughes Award for Literary Fiction and a New Century Writer Short StoryAward finalist. Her memoir, The Geography of Love, was celebrated as one of the Ten Best Books of 2008 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, named a 2008 Books for a Better Life Award finalist, and chosen as a Target Breakout Book Pick, a “Top 25” carried nationwide.

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