Maryam Hussain

An Abandoned City

Lo and behold!
Here comes another one of those afflicted organs—
A rebel lured by the mighty countenance of Love
That always has deception in store.
Poor organ!
Unaware of the enchanting coquette— Love.
Oh, how this femme fatale with her iridescent charms
Grips the vulnerable, enervated hearts!
But there’s a reason the poets of the world call it unrequited.
Only if thee knew, lame organ!
But how could knowing it have prevented thou from its seduction?
Nay, thy fall was destined.
How the wise Ribs had thee captured.
Marvel at her wisdom.
Now banished from either spots, thou meet thy fate—
Welcome to the Abandoned City of Hearts.



Labyrinth of the Self


Oh! Go on please…
You are welcome to look down upon me
For you are unaware of the strength within me
The beauty, the valour, the strength to be on top of the world
But I hide myself underneath the veil of imperfection
So that I can test my will-power, my aptitude
And immense contentment would that moment give me
When the commoners among you will be startled and flabbergasted
At the sudden burst of the volcano inside me
They would chew their fingers in, I swear
And would envy such virginity, such purity, such audacity and such beauty!
But again they will make a dire mistake, I pity
Forgetting that with power comes responsibility and duty.





From a time when you were appealing

To a time when you are appalling

A time I had been kneeling—

And desperate was my calling

There’s a meanwhile so painful—

Yet so enthralling.

Maryam Hussain is a student pursuing an MS in Clinical Psychology. Her work has previously appeared in  The Cadaverine. Presently, she lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

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