On the Other Side of Westminster Bridge: A Documentary, by Lord William

Born in 1992 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Lord William currently resides in Mayfair, London. Not an art student, per se, he often travels to Oxford to audit his uncle Monty’s Art History lectures. A man of leisure, Lord William can often be found drinking a Gin & Tonic at one of his favourite Members’ Clubs. Citing ‘men’s fashion’ as one of his favourite pastimes, he is also a casual supporter of Chelsea Football Club.

 On the Other Side of Westminster Bridge


The following series of photographs I offer to the people in power; I offer it to you, Mr Cameron, and to you, Mr Osborne (I’ll see you Tuesday at the Ritz, by the way!).

What do they mean, these photographs? Let me not be the judge of that.

In my journey through South East London (I shot the series from the top deck of bus 453 [despite my mother’s warnings] going from Marylebone to Deptford Bridge), I have tried to answer one overhanging question: What is David Cameron’s United Kingdom?

The answer: the pictures below. What do they offer? It’s up to you to decide. I think it looks OK. I certainly didn’t have great expectations, and as much as I prefer even the seedier parts of Fulham, I can’t say I now know what all the fuzz is about.

Why didn’t I get out of the bus? Because I’m not a war photographer and, besides, my auntie Celia who lives in Clapham has said not to “risk anything when I go on my social safari”.

I should like to thank my fellow travellers on bus 453 for sharing in the experience of creating this piece of art (but mostly for not stealing my camera).

I can’t predict what impact this series shall have on the state of this country; I’m an artist and by that token, it is only my duty to show you the world.

With love and squalor,

Lord William


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